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My approach to directing always begins with the scrpt. I spent my childhood studying acting and performing in the theater. For me, the process begins when I breakdown the script into beats to find the heart of each scene and chart where my characters are coming from and going to, what they want and how they plan to get it.


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Vanessa Ruane made her directorial debut, with the Award Winning Short Film Firefighter. The film was written about her father’s struggles with survivor’s guilt after 9/11 and won seventeen awards on the film festival circuit. Her latest short film, No One Island was included in the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival and is also steadily winning awards as it tours the circuit.


Vanessa trained under director John Badham for 6 years, starting out as an Assistant and moving up to Associate Producer on TNT’s Evel Knievel.


She began her career as an actress at the age of ten, performing at Off Broadway Theaters in New York City, and graduating from The High School of Performing Arts. In her early twenties she took off to explore Europe and moved to Budapest for two years, where she taught English as a Second Language Classes and wrote for the magazine PestAside. At 24 she headed to Los Angeles to pursue a life behind the camera.


Currently she is working as an Assistant Editor on the CBS drama Reckless, while Directing, Shooting and Editing for webisodes, music videos, documentaries and commercials. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors and the chair of camera and editing for events.


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